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We Love the Salesforce Platform and can make it do things most cannot!

What makes our team unique is:

  • We deliver results fast with quality from the start!
  • We know success,
  • We know many environments (Salesforce, Windows and Unix) and (OO) languages
  • We know many clouds (AWS, Azure)
  • We know code automation from dependable frameworks
  • We know how to provide mechanisions with realtime application monitoring
  • We define and adhere to Best Practices
  • We know how to get continous application metrics (from the start)
  • And, our (generated) customization are resuable, maintainable and extensible
Which helps eliminate ...
  • Brittle customization causing delays in deployment or constant bug-fixes,
  • Cost overruns and re-writes,
  • Void of comprehensive testings,
  • Void of metrics (or lack of performant development),
  • Void of reuse, extensibility, sustainability ... just more technical-debt!

Our Common Work Breakdown:



Architectural Designs




Our WORK Focus

We provide quality customizations. We use Frameworks to expedite quality, deployment, development. Our curent offerring provides Observability of Salesforce Transactions with Real-time Application Monitoring and Instrumentation for Proactive Reporting

Unique experience on a Salesforce Platform

  1. See Realtime performance of your transactions!
  2. See Sequence Diagram of your Transaciton(s),
  3. Code Generate your Business Process and understand the flow and performance (and resource consumptions) before you ever deploy!
  4. Understand your customization performance and resource consumptions BEFORE it is pushed into Integration or QA Testing!
  5. Shift-Left DevOps, putting Measured Quality First!
We Provide a free consultation and demo, if you like. Or, provide two free packages (one managed) and another unlocked (samples) so that you can explore the power yourself!

Dyanamic Charts Realtime Charts Sequence Charts NewRelic Stats


WHERE WE WORK - it is more cost-effective to be remote; however, we primarily are based in the contintenal United States. ...

Any questions, feedbacks or want talk about "What if ...". Give us a shout!

Phone: +01 561-601-8180
Email: bill.anderson@blusoftwave.com